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    There's more to our glass than meets the eye…

    MULTICOMFORT buildings have high performance glass that allows you to stay cool in the summertime and keeps you warm the wintertime. Our glass also contains insulating properties that dampens outside noise, allowing you complete comfort.

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    Floors designed for maximum comfort…

    Our specially designed floors are designed to stop the transfer of energy (conduction), heat or cold from the walls into air or water (convection) and energy emitted from a surface (radiation).

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    Walls built and designed to last a lifetime…

    MULTICOMFORT buildings have efficient physical separators known as the building envelope. The separators can be seen between the interior and exterior of the building which also include floors.

    We have introduced this concept to MULTICOMFORT buildings as it enables the resistance to air, water, heat, light, and noise transfer providing you all-round comfort.

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    A constant supply of fresh, clean air indoors…

    Our buildings are designed to minimise emissions of primary and secondary pollutants at source. We have introduced ventilation and air purification methods to help to control indoor air pollution.

    Designing for indoor air means you can enjoy the comfort of your environment with good ventilation, filtering both incoming and outgoing air.

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Multicomfort international Feel Good Logo

We typically spend 90% of our time inside.

So the buildings we live, work and play in have a huge potential effect on our health and overall sense of comfort. But how often do we pause to consider how they actually perform?

Could you feel more comfortable in the building or room you’re in right now?
Just think about it for a moment.

MULTICOMFORT offers comfort from every angle – for everyone, everywhere, whatever type of building they’re occupying.

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The benefits of MULTICOMFORT

Developed by Saint-Gobain, the MULTICOMFORT programme is a way of experimenting in the built environment to find new ways of improving the health and wellbeing benefits of many different types of buildings.

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More Information on comfort and health using multicomfort

"Work Environment Survey, Saint‐Gobain and SageGlass, Malvern PA"

May 5, 2016

Nearly 65% of office workers are distracted by too much noise.

More Information on productivity

“The Business Case for Green Buildings”

World Green Building Council, 2013

Productivity increases by 18% with access to daylight.

Optimizing daily comfort

In buildings, access to natural light, fresh air and outside views has been shown to make people feel more energetic and inspired.

This typically results in higher test scores at school, better productivity at work and faster healing times in hospitals.

In medical environments, less noise has been shown to reduce blood pressure and stress levels, leading to better sleep patterns and even reducing the need for pain medication.

Good for building users and the environment too

Homes, offices, hospitals, schools or community spaces... MULTICOMFORT buildings are designed from the ground up to deliver optimal comfort for everyone, at all times.

As well as being good for us, the MULTICOMFORT principles developed by Saint-Gobain help protect the environment too.

All countries and climates around the world.

for everyone, everywhere

For the home

As a homeowner, you can use MULTICOMFORT principles to create spaces that work for you and the way you live your life. A living and breathing healthy home that helps to protect your family’s wellbeing and makes a real difference to your quality of life – as well as reducing your energy bills.

For business

Businesses gain an entirely new competitive advantage through a MULTICOMFORT approach. Salaries and benefits account for almost 90% of the operational cost of most commercial buildings, so even small improvements in people productivity can bring significant benefits to business owners. MULTICOMFORT buildings also have substantially lower running and maintenance costs, as well as having the potential to command better rental or sale prices.

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    How many of us live in homes with cold walls or draughty windows?

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    How many of us occupy an office where the lack of daylight makes it hard to work?

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    How recently was your sleep disrupted by the noise of traffic or neighbours?

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    Hands up if you've ever sat in a stuffy classroom or meeting room, struggling to concentrate.

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There are many small things we can all do to make our daily environment more comfortable

We've included a quick checklist of top tips for you.

View everyday ideas

Building for comfort

Because most of us undertake new building or renovation projects infrequently, it's essential to design for built-in comfort right from the start.

The MULTICOMFORT building standard brings wellbeing benefits to the users of any type of building, in any location and any climate around the world.

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Comfort for living, working, education, play, healthcare and more...

  • Case Study - CASA SUL PARCO, <BR> ITALY

    Multi family residential


    The ambition of Casa sul Parco is to deliver a high-quality residential building to a small town, with elevated standards of technology, architecture and security, standards usually found in exclusive environments of big cities.

    See the results in our project gallery

    Education facility


    Saint-Gobain has supported the Municipality of Caravaggio in the renovation of the primary school of Masano village, according to Multi Comfort program.

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  • Case Study - WENGHUSET, <BR> NORWAY

    Single family house (detached, semi-detached or terraced)


    Wenghuset house is the first house in the world built with MyComfort solutions. Main focus for this project has been to build a home with optimal comfort solutions meeting the professional athlete's special needs.

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    Shopping centre


    The famous Halle de Pantin was renovated in 2015 to become the first commercial hall dedicated to building professionals in Europe. The work started in 2012, following an eco-conception model, applied to the rehabilitation of a former industrial site, in an urban zone.

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    Single family house


    The Goopan project is a familly Multi Comfort House made for 5 people, that has made of Comfort a priority.

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