Comfort from every angle

The Multi Comfort concept is designed to deliver every kind of comfort, in any kind of building, anywhere in the world. And always in a sustainable and economical way.

Thermal Comfort

Multi Comfort buildings keep themselves at an optimal temperature using very little energy. They’re neither too hot nor too cold – so we can function comfortably, whatever we’re doing.


Visual Comfort

Multi Comfort buildings bring the outdoors in. They maximize daylight to create the right amount of light for specific tasks – whether it’s reading, performing surgery or working out at the gym.


Acoustic Comfort

Multi Comfort buildings have well-balanced sound environments. They actively protect us from unwanted exterior noise, and enhance those sounds that we do want to hear.


Indoor-Air Comfort

Multi Comfort buildings provide a constant supply of fresh, clean air. This creates an optimally healthy environment for us and reduces the impact of harmful pollutants.


Comfort for every building & Climate

Multi-Comfort principles can be applied to any kind of building any kind of climate.

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Comfort for more economical living

Multi-Comfort buildings don’t cost much more to construct and the savings start straightaway.

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Comfort with built-in sustainability

Multi-Comfort buildings are designed to bring wellbeing to people today while preparing the future for all: they use less energy and resources, and generate less pollution and waste.

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At Saint-Gobain, we’re always innovating to discover new solutions to help us all live more sustainably, and more comfortably.

For the past 350 years, Saint-Gobain has pioneered the development of innovative building materials and solutions that shape the way we live today.

Our goal is to contribute this rich experience to creating a better, more comfortable, more sustainable future – that’s why we have developed the MULTICOMFORT programme.

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From royal appointment to a world of comfort

Founded in France in 1665 to create the huge panes of glass for Louis XIV’s Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles, Saint-Gobain has since become a globally recognised specialist in materials and solutions for building.

We’re the company behind many of the construction industry’s best-known brands
(including Isover, Weber, Gyproc, CertainTeed and Ecophon).

We work with building owners, designers, architects, contractors, installers and building occupants in 64 countries around the world.

As a leader committed to sustainable construction, Saint-Gobain is a member of the World Green Building Council Corporate Advisory Board and a prominent contributor to more than 30 national Green Building Councils.

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Leading the way

with solutions for the 21st century

Top 100 Global Innovators

Saint-Gobain is recognised as one of the world’s Top 100 Global Innovators (Thomson Reuters Index, 2014).

We invest strongly in breakthrough Research & Development (R&D) programmes that will shape the way we all live in the future – current strategic R&D programmes include advanced lighting technologies, super-high performance insulation and responsive (active) glazing.

Whether it’s a renovation project or a new build,

Our approach always starts with the needs of the people who will eventually inhabit the finished spaces.

We employ 3,700 R&D and building science specialists worldwide. These experts work closely with our user experience team to help our customers create buildings that are designed from the ground up to maximise comfort and performance – for all users, at all times.

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