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Comfort with
built-in sustainability

MULTICOMFORT buildings are designed to bring wellbeing to people today while preparing the future for all: they use less energy and resources, and generate less pollution and waste

We all need to do more to support sustainability – particularly when it comes to the buildings we use on a daily basis.

The impacts of human activities on our environment has been increasing steadily since urbanization began. In industrialized countries, buildings now account for 40% of our energy consumption – mostly to provide heating or cooling. But much of this energy is wasted due to inefficient systems or building design.

The bottom line is that, unless we change our building habits, energy consumption and associated climate change will continue to rise – and that’s certainly not sustainable.

Buildings account for:

Power Usage Quote
Waste Generation Quote
Water Consumption Quote
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Quote

Adopting a more sustainable approach

To meet these energy, climate and resources challenges, higher performing building envelopes can make a huge difference.

A MULTICOMFORT building is typically designed to have a reduced environmental footprint: it consumes less energy and resources, and generate less pollution and waste across its lifecycle.

Building sustainably for the long term is a vital requirement of the MULTICOMFORT design standard.

It requires the building to meet the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and to build on the most sustainable materials.

The fullest and most informative picture of a building material’s performance in terms of its environmental footprint can be obtained by it's Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

An EPD is a verified document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the lifecycle environmental impact of products.

All building product families developed by Saint-Gobain have undergone this lifecycle environmental assessment.

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