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The Multi Comfort concept is designed to deliver every kind of comfort, in any kind of building, anywhere in the world. And always in a sustainable and economical way.

Thermal Comfort

Multi Comfort buildings keep themselves at an optimal temperature using very little energy. They’re neither too hot nor too cold – so we can function comfortably, whatever we’re doing.


Visual Comfort

Multi Comfort buildings bring the outdoors in. They maximize daylight to create the right amount of light for specific tasks – whether it’s reading, performing surgery or working out at the gym.


Acoustic Comfort

Multi Comfort buildings have well-balanced sound environments. They actively protect us from unwanted exterior noise, and enhance those sounds that we do want to hear.


Indoor-Air Comfort

Multi Comfort buildings provide a constant supply of fresh, clean air. This creates an optimally healthy environment for us and reduces the impact of harmful pollutants.


Comfort for every building & Climate

Multi-Comfort principles can be applied to any kind of building any kind of climate.

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Comfort for more economical living

Multi-Comfort buildings don’t cost much more to construct and the savings start straightaway.

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Comfort with built-in sustainability

Multi-Comfort buildings are designed to bring wellbeing to people today while preparing the future for all: they use less energy and resources, and generate less pollution and waste.

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12-04-2018 | 5 months ago

New design and comfort space at CASA DECOR 2018

From February 15th to March 25th, Saint-Gobain Group in Spain has participated for the second year in a row, at the most important exhibition of interior design and decoration of the Spanish scene: Casa Decor 2018.

After the success of last year, where more than 43 000 visitors attended the event, Saint-Gobain could not miss the 53rd edition of Casa Decor, to demonstrate how design and comfort can create great living places.

The Saint-Gobain materials and solutions were applied in the space to bring comfort, sustainability and innovation; without forgetting the aesthetics and design thanks to the collaboration with the famous Spanish interior designer Diego Rodriguez.


In the room of 40 m2, acoustic and thermal comfort were shown by using Saint-Gobain solutions such us:

– Saint-Gobain Building Glass: MASTERSOFT textured glass and PICTUREit, digital printed glass.
– Saint-Gobain Isover: ARENA to provide the best comfort with its thermal and acoustic insulation.
– Saint-Gobain Gypsum: multifunction and high resistance plasterboard HABITO.
– Saint-Gobain Weber: lime based stucco for wall finishing.
– Discesur, a company of Saint-Gobain Building Distribution: wood and porcelain materials for a combined design on floors.


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