Comfort from every angle

The Multi Comfort concept is designed to deliver every kind of comfort, in any kind of building, anywhere in the world. And always in a sustainable and economical way.

Thermal Comfort

Multi Comfort buildings keep themselves at an optimal temperature using very little energy. They’re neither too hot nor too cold – so we can function comfortably, whatever we’re doing.


Visual Comfort

Multi Comfort buildings bring the outdoors in. They maximize daylight to create the right amount of light for specific tasks – whether it’s reading, performing surgery or working out at the gym.


Acoustic Comfort

Multi Comfort buildings have well-balanced sound environments. They actively protect us from unwanted exterior noise, and enhance those sounds that we do want to hear.


Indoor-Air Comfort

Multi Comfort buildings provide a constant supply of fresh, clean air. This creates an optimally healthy environment for us and reduces the impact of harmful pollutants.


Comfort for every building & Climate

Multi-Comfort principles can be applied to any kind of building any kind of climate.

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Comfort for more economical living

Multi-Comfort buildings don’t cost much more to construct and the savings start straightaway.

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Comfort with built-in sustainability

Multi-Comfort buildings are designed to bring wellbeing to people today while preparing the future for all: they use less energy and resources, and generate less pollution and waste.

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When it comes to choosing the best possible solution for
any given design, experience is key.

This is where Saint-Gobain's expertise in building science can make a material difference to your project.

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Some of the best-known and respected companies in the construction sector are part of the Saint-Gobain Group.

Together, we offer a range of high-performance, comfort enhancing and energy saving products and solutions to help create a more sustainable built environment.

Because you want your final building specification to not only optimise energy consumption, but also deliver optimal user comfort, it’s important to understand how the characteristics of the materials you specify will influence the building’s long-term performance – in all its complexity and during seasonal variations.

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Saint Gobain offers a wide range of products and solutions for building envelopes. The following have a direct effect on thermal efficiency and comfort.

  • Glass in windows and facades that lets sun enter the building or blocks it, depending on the season
  • Interior and exterior insulation materials, such as mineral wools and ETICS systems, which help to reduce heat losses or gains
  • Airtightness membranes that limit unwanted air infiltration
  • Vapour control membranes that prevent humidity from entering the building
  • Renders that help reduce the humidity transfer from the outside and improve insulation
  • Plasters and plasterboards that bring thermal inertia to the envelope and improve thermal comfort
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Saint-Gobain provides many different solutions that have a direct impact on visual comfort and aesthetics. These include:

  • Transparent materials – such as glass, window films or architectural membranes - which allow access to daylight and views through windows, doors, partitions and roofs
  • Translucent and electrochromic materials that allow daylight while preserving privacy
  • Electrochromic glazing with ability to dynamically control the flow of heat and daylight into a building without losing the view to the outside.
  • Interior products – such as wall coverings, ceilings or flooring, which can contribute to the distribution of daylight and to the aesthetic of a space
  • Lighting products – such as lighting-integrated textiles or ceiling tiles, which are excellent complementary light sources, especially in the area of glare management
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Acoustic COMFORT solutions

Acoustic comfort in a building is dependent on the characteristics of the building fabric, particularly acoustic transmission and absorption. Saint-Gobain offers several product categories that have a direct impact on acoustic comfort, including:

  • Materials that provide sound insulation through low acoustic transmission – such as glass in windows and facades, and insulation materials that help protect building occupants from outside noise
  • Absorbing materials – such as special plasterboards, acoustic ceilings or mineral wools, which help to reduce airborne and impact noises inside the building
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