Comfort for every building & climate

MULTI COMFORT principles can be applied to any kind of building any kind of climate.
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Whether you’re considering a home renovation project in Europe, developing new office buildings in Asia, planning a primary care hospital in Africa or specifying the design of a school in North America, you can use Saint-Gobain’s MULTI COMFORT principles.

This will enhance the health and overall wellbeing of the building occupants – in a way that’s personally, fi nancially and environmentally rewarding.

Always adapted to your particular project

The precise prescription of systems and materials used in your MULTI COMFORT project will vary for particular types of buildings or particular climates, and also depends on the way the building will be used.

Building orientation can be selected to capture heat in mild or cold climates, or provide shade in hotter climates. Airtightness (sealing air leaks between the inside and outside) can be used as a means of humidity management in humid climates, while in cold climates it helps to prevent heat loss by enabling optimally controlled air management.

How the building or room is going to be used is also an essential factor. The main aim of a hotel bedroom, for example, is to provide privacy plus a comfortable night’s sleep– the ability to listen to the TV without disturbing other guests while remaining insulated from the sound of others. In a classroom, meanwhile, the main focus is on ensuring that students can clearly hear the teacher, concentrate fully, and be heard themselves.

Balancing building and users’ needs

The MULTI COMFORT approach is about balance: identifying and providing the optimum combination of comfort factors to provide living, working and learning spaces that we are happy to occupy – high performing buildings in which we function efficiently and feel good.

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