How are you feeling right now?
The MC350 device will help you discovering interesting facts that everyday are impacting the way you feel.

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First of all, this personal small device can help you knowing values that are impacting the environment where you are performing an activity, and this is also correlated with your performance, productivity and wellbeing.


The second important reason to do measurements and share them with us is to leverage the knowledge about comfort worldwide. All the measurements shared are going directly to a database that will allow us to do different type of analysis depending on the region, the type of building, the type of comforts, etc... it will help us all to understand what is happening with the comfort everywhere and bring some findings, which will allow us to continue developing products and solutions that can continue improving our daily life.

That’s why Saint-Gobain developed the MC350, a connected device that measures, in a very simple way, different types of comfort: noise, illuminance, temperature and humidity. When connected to MC 350 App, this device can help people to link their personal experience of comfort with exact values of specific comfort descriptor.

The MC350 device is equipped with a sensor that has a sensibility close to the human eye to measure the luminosity. A different sensor is measuring temperature and humidity, which are both correlated. To measure the noise, the device uses a regular microphone that needs to be calibrated on a flat hard surface, such as a table.

We spend more than 90% of our time inside buildings and the quality of the environment directly impacts our wellbeing.  When we’re at home, in the office or in your favorite restaurant and something doesn’t feel right due to the noise, heat or glare can you tell how loud it is or how much light is too much? We can easily describe our situation using adjectives but hardly ever numbers or proper measurements.

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