How can artificial lighting make people feel more comfortable at night?

The concept of visual comfort depends on the ability to control the light levels around us and, as part of the Saint-Gobain's Multi Comfort Program, contributes to our overall comfort and well-being.
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Jim Uttley from University of Leeds, PhD candidate Aleksandra Liachenko Monteiro and Professor of Lighting and Visual Perception Steve Fotios both from University of Sheffield published a recent article in The Conversation. They compared how safe people feel in the Sheffield's streets during the day and the night.

We think that the relation between safety and light is due to the bright lighting. Indeed, the common thought would say that more the streets are lightening more people feel safe.

However, people feel safer when the difference between the daylight and the light at night is smaller. This research shows how important the urban lighting design is.


What other considerations need to be given to urban lighting design?


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