Bucharest, Romania

MULTI COMFORT design principles can be applied to any type of building (residential or non-residential, new build or renovation project) in any country or climate around the world.

Project identity card
  • Category: New build
  • Climate: Humid Continental Mild Summer, Wet All Year(Dfb)
  • Building type: MULTICOMFORT Multi family residential
  • Surface area: 2 x 140m2 m2
  • Architect: C. Ochinciuc
  • Building name: PUB MultiComfort Houses
  • Main contractor: AGECOM Baia Mare
  • Original construction year: 2011
  • Year of renovation: 2011

In 2011, Saint-Gobain in partnership with the Politehnica University of Bucharest (PUB) built a pair of semi-detached                MULTI COMFORT houses in the Romanian capital.

The twin houses, located in a central area of Bucharest, were carefully designed to provide optimal all-round comfort in variable climatic conditions while also meeting Passive House standards.

Highlights and challenges

We successfully applied MULTI COMFORT principles to achieve Passive House certification for twin family homes that are purposefully built to be adaptable to Romanian climate conditions.


Energy balance*

  • Energy consumption: First house: 119 kWh/m².yr. Second house: 79 kWh/m².yr.
  • Energy balance: First house: -119 kWh/m².yr. Second house: -79 kWh/m².yr.
  • Energy production: First house: 0 kWh/m².yr. Second house: : 0 kWh/m².yr.

Airtightness under 50 Pa

n50: 0.31 h-1