Houffalze, Belgium

MULTI COMFORT design principles can be applied to any type of building (residential or non-residential, new build or renovation project) in any country or climate around the world.

Project identity card
  • Category: New build
  • Climate: Marine - Mild Winter (Cfb)
  • Building type: MULTICOMFORT Single family house
  • Surface area: 142m2 m2
  • Architect: Toon Tweepenninckx / A33
  • Building name: Passive Live
  • Main contractor: Machiels Building Solutions
  • Original construction year: 2012
  • Year of renovation: 2012

In 2012, Saint-Gobain created one of Belgium’s first Passive Houses in the forested mountains of the country.

On the heights of the Ardennes region, Saint-Gobain and the architectural studio A33 worked together to develop a passive habitat project called Passive Live.

This MULTI COMFORT house provides a very high level of comfort, while consuming virtually zero energy – even in extremely variable climatic conditions. It is now available for rent as a holiday home, giving people the opportunity to experience life in a passive house.

Highlights and challenges

A primary objective of this MULTI COMFORT project was to encourage people to think about energy use in their own homes – through experiencing all the benefits of one of Belgium’s first Passive Houses, which is now available to rent as a holiday home.


Energy balance*

  • Energy consumption: 5,124 kWh/m².yr
  • Energy balance: 376 kWh/m².yr
  • Energy production: 5,500 kWh/m².yr

Thermal performance

  • Average inside temperature: Indicators (Belgium):
    K11 (current regulation K35)
    E15 (current regulation E80)

    U wall and roof = 0,08 W/m².K
    (current regulation 0,24 W/m².K)

Airtightness under 50 Pa

n50: 0.55 h-1

Architectural drawings