Hyvinkää, Finland

MULTI COMFORT design principles can be applied to any type of building (residential or non-residential, new build or renovation project) in any country or climate around the world.

Project identity card
  • Category: New build
  • Climate: Humid Continental Mild Summer, Wet All Year(Dfb)
  • Building type: MULTICOMFORT Single family house
  • Surface area: 155m2 m2
  • Architect: Tiina Antinoja and Olli Metso
  • Building name: Villa ISOVER
  • Main contractor: Iin Fasadi Oy / Niksupuutuote Ky
  • Original construction year: 2013
  • Year of renovation: 2013

In 2012 Saint-Gobain accepted the challenge of managing a zero-energy new build project for a showcase project in Finland.

Built for the Hyvinkää Housing Fair in 2013, Villa ISOVER was designed first and foremost to provide a spatially interesting, environmentally sustainable, optimally comfortable and, if necessary, flexible family home. It incorporates zero-energy design principles throughout.

This MULTI COMFORT property was later expanded upstairs, with the addition of a balcony or floor on top of the opening.

Highlights and challenges

 We set out to show that it is possible to build this kind of energy efficient house in the harsh Finnish climate, using technology and solutions that are already available on the market.


Energy balance*

  • Energy consumption: 8,400 kWh/m².yr (improved by 88%)
  • Energy balance: -200 kWh/m².yr
  • Energy production: 8,600 kWh/m².yr

Daylight Autonomy

  • Living room : 72%
  • Other rooms : between 11% and 46%
  • Kitchen : 63%
  • Airtightness under 50 Pa

    n50: 0.4 h-1

    Architectural drawings