Stavanger, Norway

MULTI COMFORT design principles can be applied to any type of building (residential or non-residential, new build or renovation project) in any country or climate around the world.

Project identity card
  • Category: New build
  • Climate: Marine - Mild Winter (Cfb)
  • Building type: MULTICOMFORT Multi family residential
  • Surface area: 3 x 179m2 m2
  • Architect: Sjo Fasting
  • Building name: Myklebust 753
  • Main contractor: Høie & Ueland
  • Original construction year: 2014
  • Year of renovation: 2014

In 2014 Saint-Gobain set about building a small development of sustainable family homes in rural Norway.

This project involved the construction of three detached houses, each specifically designed using MULTI COMFORT principles to provide light, sustainable and thermally comfortable family homes in the peace and quiet of the remote Stavanger region of Norway.

Each property was designed and built in a cost-efficient way for immediate availability and affordability, while also ensuring optimum ease of use, maintenance and energy efficiency into the future.

Highlights and challenges

The project in Myklebust enabled us to explore important aspects of contemporary and future architecture, such as flexibility, compact living, spatial transitions and sustainability.


Energy balance*

  • Energy consumption: 15 kWh/m².yr
  • Energy balance: -15 kWh/m².yr
  • Energy production: 0 kWh/m².yr